Contractor management
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Monitor and manage contractor and supplier qualification requirements with ease across different sites and regions while mitigating supply chain risks.

Contractor management software

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How it works

Set contractor requirements

Standardize contractors’ pre-qualification requirements and automate their request.

Contractor management requirements

Ensure contractor compliance

Invite your contractors to the platform, monitor their compliance with your standards on real-time, communicate with them effectively and ensure their requalification upon expiry of documentation or changes in your pre-qualification process

Contractor management compliance

Grant safe access to work site

Only allow qualified contractors to access your site.

Contractors access

Twind helps nurture happy relations between contractors and hiring companies

Simplify work and get more done

Teams can easily monitor information real-time, prioritize tasks, and quickly review and validate recently updated contractor documents

Tailored to meet your requirements in contractor compliance across all your sites and regions

Twind is fully customizable to have vendors meet the specific requirements of each of your regions and sites

Easy for you and for your contractors

Your contractors are invited to easily upload and maintain their compliance records, and only have to do it once for all their clients

See how your contractors are doing in real-time with Dashboards

Review and monitor your contractors’ compliance across sites and regions with Twind’s intuitive and flexible dashboards

Automate control over contractor access

Manage external workers’ access to your worksites integrating Twind with your access control software and hardware

Twind contractor management

Maintain all your management platforms updated and accurate with our APIs

Integrate Twind with other platforms to enable a more transparent end-to-end management of your supply chain

Built for multidisciplinary teams

Highly customizable user configuration so you can control who sees and does what, and making sure the information each user sees in the platform is super relevant.

Multidisciplinary teams
Automatic verification of official documents

Automatic verification of official documents

Drastically reduce your workload by using our OCR and AI-driven document verification bots.

Delegate your contractor requirements verification into our expert team

Delegate the verification of contractor requirements onto our expert team

Outsource document management and verification as well as platform administration processes onto our team of seasoned experts and focus your valuable resources on most critical issues.

Twind benefits

Automate contractor management

Automate contractor management

Let Twind do the paperwork for you, optimize standards while saving time and money.

Reduce queues

Reduce queues and bottlenecks at reception

Automate requests for health & safety information and share inductions and assessments with your contractors well ahead of their arrival.

Monitor contractors in real time

Monitor contractors in real time

Improve contractor oversight and control with our easy-to-use interface.

Dedicated Customer Success team

Receive excellent attention from our dedicated Customer Success team

Each customer has a dedicated customer success representative who supports the customer throughout the account setup, Twind configuration and implementation, and ongoing activities.

Make informed hiring decisions

Make informed hiring decisions

Benefit from the broad range of tools and data transparency that Twind provides to assist with contractor and supplier management.

Maximize contractor adoption

Maximize contractor adoption with our superior contractor support and outreach team

Leverage our support and outreach team’s capabilities to accelerate contractor adoption of Twind, thereby reducing contractor implementation dramatically.

Centralize all contractor information

Centralize all contractor information and communication into one platform

Twind is a cloud-based platform with excellent data security standards (ISO 27001), accessible from anywhere in the world and compatible with all devices.

Proactive health & safety culture

Promote a positive and proactive health & safety culture

Focus your company’s resources on most value-adding aspects of health & safety, and let Twind do the dirty work.

Real-time support

Get human support with our agents through

Real-time support




Top-grade security

We take information security very seriously, and follow strict processes to prevent any issues from taking place

Microsoft Partners

Microsoft Partners

ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Designed for global companies

Twind is already translated into multiple languages and can support all languages to meet the needs of your global teams and contractors

Designed for global operations

FAQs. Have a question?

Is Twind a multilingual platform?

Sí, oui, ja, yes! Twind speaks seven languages (Spanish, English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese) and can learn new ones to meet the needs of your global teams.

What is CTAIMA?

CTAIMA is a SaaS B2B firm headquartered in Spain with a presence in 14 countries, serving over 1,200 customers from a wide range of industries. We're all about crafting solutions and services for legal compliance and management in Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Contractor Management, Quality Assurance, and Industrial Safety. Twind, our latest brainchild, is built on a solid foundation of 20 years in the EHS space.