FAQs. Any questions?

  What is CTAIMA?

CTAIMA is a SaaS B2B firm headquartered in Spain with a presence in 14 countries, serving over 1,200 customers from a wide range of industries. We're all about crafting solutions and services for legal compliance and management in Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Contractor Management, Quality Assurance, and Industrial Safety. Twind, our latest brainchild, is built on a solid foundation of 20 years in the EHS space.

Who can use Twind?

Twind is like a chameleon - it adapts to any sector or company size. Whether you're building skyscrapers, refining oil, mining diamonds, or harnessing energy, Twind is your go-to for streamlined contractor management. It's as scalable as your ambitions and can simplify your daily grind, no matter the size of your squad.

What does a Twind subscription cost?

For details on pricing, reach out to our team. We're all about customization and have a plan to fit every company size or type.

  Are there any hidden costs?

No! Twind values transparency. Our subscription prices are based solely on the functionalities and services you require, with no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Why should I switch from Excel to Twind for managing specialized service suppliers?

Twind offers numerous advantages over traditional spreadsheets. It gives you laser-precise control over information, squashing human errors and accidental changes. With Twind, you can ensure full traceability of contractor documentation, automate processes, reduce occupational hazards, and boost team collaboration. It's your EHS team’s secret weapon for digital transformation.

Can I migrate data from my current software to Twind?

Absolutely! Our data migration gurus will ensure a smooth transition from your current software to Twind, without losing a single byte.

I've got suppliers, not contractors. Is Twind still a good match?

Absolutely! Twind is designed to manage documentation for both suppliers and contractors. It helps ensure compliance with labor and safety regulations, and we also offer a Supplier Evaluation module to maintain quality and commitment over time.

How many users can access the platform?

Twind allows unlimited users. Invite as many team members as you need to collaborate effectively.

How many requirements and documents can I request from each contractor or resource?

The sky's the limit with Twind. You can create and request as many requirements as you need, and manage them based on various criteria.

Is Twind a multilingual platform?

Sí, oui, ja, yes! Twind speaks seven languages (Spanish, English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese) and can learn new ones to meet the needs of your global teams.

How long until Twind is up and running?

The timeline can vary, but typically includes six 1-2 hour sessions for defining requirements, training, and addressing any questions or challenges. We'll match your pace and keep the communication lines open to make this a seamless and pleasant experience for you and your team.

Does the implementation service include training on Twind's use?

Sure does! We'll turn you and your team into Twind ninjas as part of the implementation process.

Is it mandatory to contract a configuration and implementation service?

Yes, it's a must. We want to ensure you squeeze every drop of benefit from Twind, so we require a one-time payment for a personalized configuration and dedicated support during the first year.

Where is Twind hosted? Do I need to buy servers or licenses for other software?

Twind is a cloud-based platform, so there's no need for additional servers or licenses. You can access Twind from any device with an internet connection.

Is my information secure on Twind?

Your information is safe with us. We adhere to ISO 27001 standards for Information Security and comply with European data protection laws (GDPR), ensuring rigorous data protection.

Is there a storage limit on Twind?

No, Twind offers unlimited storage for your historical data and documents.

Can I contact someone if I have questions or issues after implementation?

Absolutely! Our expert team is ready and waiting to assist via phone, email, and chat. You'll also be assigned a Customer Success representative for ongoing support. We're real people, promise!

What happens during a demonstration? How can I schedule one?

During a demo, our specialist will give you a grand tour of Twind's features and answer all your burning questions. Demos are free and come with zero strings attached. To schedule one, click here.

What if I'm still curious?

If you've got more questions, don't be shy - get in touch! We're always here to help.